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This site has been around for a really long time in the CS:GO gambling community, Gamdom offers thrilling games to help users multiply Dota 2, CS:GO and even credit card deposits! They strive to provide their players with the best possible gaming experience and continuously improve the site based on the users feedback.

You place a bet and there is an increasing multiplier that pays out the multiplier where you cashed out at times your x amount bet. This gamemode has been around from the start of Gamdom,it's a pretty standard crash design but it’s looking very clean and crafted towards Gamdom’s own theme.

Roulette is a number spinner consisting of numbers 0 to 14 generated randomly. Players are able to bet on red, black and green. Red and black profit is 2 times what you put down. Green profit is 14 times what you put down. This gamemode has also been around from the start of Gamdom,the spinner of the roulette numbers is really smooth and has a nice animation as for the look it speaks for itself and is also crafted towards Gamdom’s own theme.

Trade up game mode enables you to trade a set amount of coins for any skin available in our marketplace. The chances of you winning the skin will be calculated automatically based on your bet and the price of the targeted skin. After winning a skin you can choose between reselling back to us for a 5% bonus or to simply withdraw it like any other item from the marketplace. You can also choose to upgrade your skin to an even better one which will give you a 5% better chance of winning the next tradeup. Gamdom was one of the first sites to add this gamemode, it has a very unique look in terms of design the animation is also one of a kind and same as all the other game modes designed as the unique ‘’gamdom look’’. The animation on this gamemode is also really smooth and unique.

Hi Lo is a multiple stake game with 9 different gambling choices. Players will gamble on what card is drawn next. Payouts vary depending on what you bet on. The bet multiplier is shown on the bottom of the bet tab. For example, if the next card drawn is Red, then the payout is 2.00x what you placed on it. Note: The Joker is not higher or lower than the current card nor is the Joker red or black. If a Joker card is drawn, the HI and LO bet tables will be based off of the card prior to the Joker. This gamemode a unique gamemode since no other site in the CS:GO gambling scene has this gamemode on their site. Therefore it makes them stand out. It has a clean design in correlation to the gamdom theme, in terms of the animation it’s pretty basic it just flips around a card. Jackpot:

is a gamemode in which anyone can deposit skins into a collective pot within the allotted time. Once the timer is up, the jackpot spinner will spin and select a winner from that pot. The winner will take all skins placed in the pot minus any applicable taxes. The more you deposited, the higher chance you have at winning. This gamemode has a standard design, but made into the Gamdom theme in terms of the spinner it’s a basic spinner that goes around the circle. Slots/Livegames: This part of the site speaks for itself you can bet your credits from your Gamdom balance on these live games or can try your luck on slots. Since they pay a fee to use the slots and livegames it’s out of their control to predict the outcome of these games.

Deposit Methods:
There are various ways to deposit on gamdom, the most used ones are through CS:GO and Dota2 skins, Crypto currencies (Ethereum/Bitcoin) and credit card. Depositing your CS:GO skins goes through a P2P system, for example u deposit your skin and another uses buys that skin with their coins on the site, after they bought your skins u need to send ur skin to that user in order to receive your coins.After you have done that you get credited your coins. All these ways really offer a great and fast experience to play on the site.

Withdraw Methods:
There are 2 ways to withdraw your Gamdom coins, these are through CS:GO or Dota2 skins or cryptocurrencies (Ethereum/Bitcoin). U can withdraw CS:GO or Dota2 skins with no verification of some sort which is great. Except for crypto withdrawals u need to verify yourself that u are above the age of 18 with a so called KYC (Know your customer) i personally am not a big fan of this.

Cool features:
Roulette Jackpot (The Roulette Jackpot works like this, a certain amount of the total bets each round will be added to the jackpot by them. All you have to do in order to win the Jackpot is to play Roulette. When the Jackpot is won, 80% of the Jackpot goes to the Players that made profit in that Roulette round. They get a percentage split according to their split of the total profit in that round. Every Roulette round with a certain value in bets has a certain chance of being a Jackpot round. 20% of the Jackpot goes to all that lost in that Roulette round according to how much they bet. Crash jackpot (Works the same like Roulette jackpot) Rains, Tsunami’s, Volcanoes, Avalanche: Firstly, you have to be present when the Tsunami/Volcano/Avalanche happens, click the "claim" button to join, then solve the Google Captchas. When the Tsunami/Volcano/Avalanche ends you will receive your reward. Secondly you must have at least 1 coin claimable from your free reward counter, which you can see on your profile page. You get 1.2% of your wager added to that free reward counter every time you make a bet. If it is not zero, or lower you may claim the Tsunami/Volcano/Avalanche. Furthermore, in order to claim the Tsunami/Volcano/Avalanche you must have wagered at least 25000 coins in the last 5 hours before it splashes/erupts/slides. The amount of coins you get from the Tsunami/Volcano/Avalanche depends on your Level as well as your Level multiplier which goes up with every bet you make. (together with your hidden level).

- The various amount of game modes they offer.
- Licensed casino.
- Clean design.
- Well-ordered‘’about us’’ page and TOS.
- Fast customer support.
- Site is loading fast.
- Not only a CS:GO skin based casino.

- 1 Dollar = 1500 Gamdom Coins not a 1;1 ratio.

Gamdom has been in the CS:GO gambling scene since the beginning of time and been dominating ever since. It constantly pushes out new futures, patches old features and bugs. There support is pretty fast and very polite. As of TOS it’s pretty standard and can be seen on many other casino’s. I would 9/10 recommend this site.

Created by @CurdGG & 2020-05-24

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