Deposit bonus:
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This site hasn’t been around for a really long time in the CS:GO gambling community, but ever since they been around they been striving to help grow their site by sponsoring youtubers and content creators and with their awesome affiliate system.

On Datdrop you can open over 100+ cases which contains CS:GO skins variated from really expensive to really cheap. The case price can variate from 0.24$- 295$ depending on what is the most expensive skin you can unbox in that case and what the odds of these skins are in the case. Unfortunately the skins are not real CS:GO skins since they aren’t withdrawable.

Example of odds %:

Battle Opening:
Besides opening cases on your own you can also battle against others, how it works you make a battle where you can battle 1,2 or 3 different players and the person who wins the most money gets to keep all the other people’s money too. This is a really innovating way to open these CS:GO cases since you can win a lot more money by battling other people and never know what other people are going to pull from their cases.

The upgrade game mode enables you to upgrade a smaller skin for any skin available in their marketplace. The chances of you winning the skin will be calculated automatically based on your bet (the value of the skin in $) and the price of the targeted skin. This game mode is fairly new and been a fun way to do something else then opening cases The animation is really cool but kind of baity.

Affiliate System:
Datdrop has a really good reward system for people advertising their code. U can put in a code before depositing your money for example code: 'vgorefs' it will give the person using the code an extra 5% on their deposited money. The more your affiliates deposit on your code the higher % you get from deposits.

Deposit Methods:
The only way to deposit right now is through ETH (Ethereum) this is a cryptocurrency frequently used by CS:GO case opening websites and casino’s. You get your personal ETH address where you can send your money to in order to make a deposit.

Withdraw Methods:
The only way to withdraw right now is through ETH (Ethereum) this is a cryptocurrency frequently used by CS:GO case opening websites and casino’s. You put in your Ethereum link which u use to receive ETH u click on all the "CS:GO skins" in your inventory that u want to withdraw (u will get the $ value of these skins in Ethereum) and then click withdraw.

Cool features:
Free case: u can open a free case depending on how much u deposited, the more you deposit the better a free case you can open with better odds% on a higher priced CS:GO skin.

Live drop: U can see what other players on the site are pulling from the cases on a live feed on your screen

- Legit provably fair system
- High earning affiliate system
- Low house edge %
- Instant ETH withdraws

- Unlicensed casino
- Only 2 withdraw methods

Datdrop hasn’t been in the CS:GO gambling scene for along time but ever since it’s been there it has been dominating. It doesn’t really renew there gamemodes or changes anything but nevertheless it remains really fun and a innovating way to play on this site. Clear FAQ and good TOS besides the fact they are a non licensed casino there hasn’t been any scandals or controversy about the site. I would recommend this site 8/10.

Created by @CurdGG & 2020-06-30

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