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CSGOEmpire is the most popular skin betting platform. They launched in early 2016 and since then they have hosted well over 5 million registered users. Their system is entirely based on true transparency; the game results are generated using a Provably Fair system, which proves that the outcomes haven't been manipulated. U can simply bet after u have deposited through the various ways they offer.

Roulette is a spinner consisting of a CT side, T side and the so called ‘’Dice’’’generated randomly. Players are able to bet on CT side, T side and Dice.Ct side and T side profit is 2 times what you put down. Dice profit is 14 times what you put down.

This game mode was the first that CSGOEmpire implemented on there site and has been there ever since. For a long time CSGOEmpire only had Roulette on their site, there design is very unique since they were the first one to use CT side, T side and Dice instead of the original Red, Black and Green coin. There roulette animation is really smooth and doesn’t give you a uncomfortable feeling.

Match betting:
This game mode hasn’t been around for a long time but has been a great addition ever since, u can bet on matches from all sort of games and sports,CS:GO, DOTA 2,League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Call of duty, Rainbow Six Siege, other. They really give you good odds on the matches were you can bet on, they have better odds than other sites only focused on match betting.

This gamemode is a player vs player gamemode where u play head or tails but in the CSGOEmpire theme, u pick CT or T side. They take 3% of the amount u win, which for the coinflip is a really low house edge since most sites take 5-7%.

Affiliate System:
You can use a affiliate code where u can win up to 1445 coins which is around 900$.

CSGOEmpire decided to not sponsor any youtubers or advertisers anymore, instead they created a affiliate system where you get 30% commission from any bet your referral make which is the highest paying referral system in the CS:GO gambling industry

Deposit Methods:
There are various ways to deposit on CSGOEmpire, the most used ones are through CS:GO and Dota2 skins, Crypto currencies (Ethereum/Bitcoin/Bitcoin cash/ Litecoin) they also have all the options to deposit with real money, like g2a, skrill, Visa, Ideal.
Depositing your CS:GO skins goes through a P2P system where u can even put a extra % on your skin you depositing, for example u deposit your skin and another uses buys that skin with their coins on the site, after they bought your skins u need to send ur skin to that user in order to receive your coins.After you have done that you get credited your coins. All these ways are almost instant since CSGOEmpire has a lot of players playing on their site you don’t have to wait a super long time get your skin bought by another player.

Withdraw Methods:
There are various way to withdraw skins from different games the most popular one is, CS:GO skins (instant) u can withdaw a CS:GO skins instantly but you must keep in mind the user depositing the skin can put a % on the skin so you can be overpaying 1-12% for the skin you withdrawing. They recently added an instant Ethereum withdrawal, if you withdraw under 2000 coins cumulative they won’t ask for your KYC.

Cool features:
Bonus pot, The bonus pot works like this, a certain amount of the total bets each round will be added to the jackpot by them. All you have to do in order to win the Jackpot is to play Roulette. When the Jackpot is won, 80% of the Jackpot goes to the Players that made profit in that Roulette round. They get a percentage split according to their split of the total profit in that round. Every Roulette round with a certain value in bets has a certain chance of being a Jackpot round. 20% of the Jackpot goes to all that lost in that Roulette round according to how much they bet. U must have ‘’CSGOEmpire’’ in your steam name to be eligible to win a % of the bonus pot.

Daily cases, there are levels on the site from each bet you make you gain experience and buy leveling up you gain keys to open a case where u can win money from. The higher level you are the bigger the prize u can open.

Rain, u can claim rain every approximately 2 times in an hour, u get a x amount of coins according to your level and the tip size of the rain. They recently 4x times doubled the rain amounts which is very nice.

Rain, u can claim rain every approximately 2 times in an hour, u get a x amount of coins according to your level and the tip size of the rain. They recently 4x times doubled the rain amounts which is very nice.

- The various amount of deposit methods they offer.
- Licensed casino.
- Clean and original design.
- Legit provably fair.
- Many giveaways.
- Big Rains.

- Big % on CS:GO instant withdrawals.
- 1 Dollar = 1.7 empire coins.
- No instant Bitcoin withdrawals.
- With trader role you can see the items after 5 minutes when deposited on the instant withdraw page.

CSGOEmpire has been in the CS:GO gambling scene since the beginning of time and been the number one CS:GO gambling casino ever since. It constantly pushes out new futures, patches old features and bugs. They have a 24/7 support. As of TOS it’s pretty standard and can be seen on many other casinos there provably fair is legit and is easy to verify. I would 9/10 recommend this site.

Created by @CurdGG & 2020-05-24

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