What is VGO?
VGO items are digital items generated using blockchain technology. Every VGO item is one-of-a-kind and generated from a smart contract.

Get Started with VGO
You can obtain VGO items several ways: buy an item from a marketplace like WAX, trade for one using WAX ExpressTrade, or roll your own by opening vCases with vKeys.

How do I get VGO items?
VGO Items can be purchased from WAX, any other marketplace that supports VGO items, or received in trade from another VGO user.

Why was VGO created?
People use skins in a variety of ways. Once only thought of as an in-game asset, the skin economy has grown into a sophisticated ecosystem of meta gaming - supported by the experience of buying, selling, trading, and gifting skins. VGO was formed to free the skin economy from outside influence and manipulation, through transparent usage of the blockchain. We are passionate gamers, collectors, and skin traders. We believe that in the future digital economy, digital items belong to the individual, not the game publisher. VGO items were designed for collecting and trading, and combines skins with blockchain technology to liberate the gaming community from trade restrictions, permanently. Your items are provably unique, cannot be deleted from existence, or duplicated.

What are VGO items?
VGO items are digital items generated using blockchain technology. Every VGO item is one-of-a-kind and generated from a smart contract, and can be easily looked up using the smart contract address for transparency. VGO items consist of vKeys that open vCases and generate new vSkins which can be collected, traded, or sold.

Are there other products like VGO items?
Yes. Hundreds of companies have emerged. Blockchain-based digital item trading is going mainstream, starting with the viral launch of CryptoKitties in late 2017. However VGO is the first and only that’s uniquely geared towards the skin trading market.

What is vIRL?
vIRL are virtual items you can exchange for real-world merchandise like sneakers, apparel, video game gear, and more. With vIRL you can easily buy, sell or trade real-world items without the hassle of holding or storing it.

What can I do with my vIRLs?
With vIRLs, you can collect and resell stuff like sneakers, apparel, and electronics - without the hassle of shipping or storage. How would you like to profit from selling a pair of Yeezy’s in just a few clicks - without ever having to deal with the whole madness of buying it, receiving it, and then selling and re-shipping it? It’s never been possible - until now.
Back in the olden days before vIRL launched, it took weeks to buy, sell, and profit from flipping a pair of Pharrell Human Races. You had to buy it, wait for it to ship to you, take pictures of it, convince potential buyers that it’s genuine, list it for sale, wait for someone to buy it, then ship it to the buyer, and wait to get paid.
With vIRLs, the entire process takes mere seconds, and just a few clicks. How is this possible? Glad you asked.

Instant-Sell: Get cash back for your vIRLs - instantly. Instant-Sell your vIRLs to WAX and have cash in your bank account within minutes. You can also cashout to cryptocurrency like Ethereum, bitcoin, or WAX tokens.
Sell on a marketplace: List your vIRLs for sale on a marketplace like WAX without ever taking physical possession of them. No storage, no shipping, no hassle.
Instant-Gift: Gift a vIRL to anyone in the world with just a few clicks, immediately after unboxing it. Visit WAX ExpressTrade to start gifting.
Trade: Swap your vIRLs for any other items that trade on WAX ExpressTrade including everything from video games to V-Bucks, sneakers to skins, gift cards to game items.
Redeem: Ship your vIRLs to an address.
Visit WAX to complete the redemption process.

How do vIRLS work?
Since every vIRL is both a digital and a real-life item, you can Instant-Sell them for cash on WAX, sell them for profit, gift them, trade them, or have them shipped to an address.

For more information visit - VGO.gg, VCase.gg, WAX, GOvIRL.io