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What is VGO?

VGO items are digital items generated using blockchain technology. Every VGO item is one-of-a-kind and generated from a smart contract.

Get started with VGO:

You can obtain VGO items several ways: buy an item from a marketplace like WAX, trade for one using WAX ExpressTrade, or roll your own by opening vCases with vKeys.

How do I get VGO Items?

VGO Items can be purchased from WAX, any other marketplace that supports VGO items, or received in trade from another VGO user.

Why VGO was created?

People use skins in a variety of ways. Once only thought of as an in-game asset, the skin economy has grown into a sophisticated ecosystem of meta gaming - supported by the experience of buying, selling, trading, and gifting skins. VGO was formed to free the skin economy from outside influence and manipulation, through transparent usage of the blockchain. We are passionate gamers, collectors, and skin traders. We believe that in the future digital economy, digital items belong to the individual, not the game publisher. VGO items were designed for collecting and trading, and combines skins with blockchain technology to liberate the gaming community from trade restrictions, permanently. Your items are provably unique, cannot be deleted from existence, or duplicated.

What are VGO items?

VGO items are digital items generated using blockchain technology. Every VGO item is one-of-a-kind and generated from a smart contract, and can be easily looked up using the smart contract address for transparency. VGO items consist of vKeys that open vCases and generate new vSkins which can be collected, traded, or sold.

Are there other products like VGO items?

Yes. Hundreds of companies have emerged. Blockchain-based digital item trading is going mainstream, starting with the viral launch of CryptoKitties in late 2017. However VGO is the first and only that’s uniquely geared towards the skin trading market.

What is VGO Skins?

VGO items are digital items generated using blockchain technology. Every VGO item is one-of-a-kind and generated from a smart contract, and can be easily looked up using the smart contract address for transparency. VGO items consist of vKeys that open vCases and generate new vSkins which can be collected, traded, or sold.

VGO and vIRL Games:

Roulette: A classic and a common casino game found on many VGO or vIRL gambling sites. The object of VGO or vIRL roulette is to pick the number where the spinning ball will land on the wheel. VGO or vIRL Roulette tend have a different layout compared to ordinary roulette, but the objective and principle of the game remains the same.

Jackpot: In VGO or vIRL Jackpot games players put up their skins into the pot, where one person will win the whole pot. The higher total value a player adds to the pot, the higher chance the user has to win. Jackpot is a very fun and exciting game to play, where you possibly can make a huge profit from a small investment.

Coinflip: Coinflip is probably the simplest type of VGO or vIRL Gambling. In VGO or vIRL Coinflip you bet on the outcome of a coinflip, and you have 50% of winning every time. Easy and fun!

Crash: Place a bet and watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards. Players can cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier. The multiplyer can crash at any random time, and you will loose if you haven't cashed out when it does. VGO or vIRL Crash is one of the most popular types of VGO or vIRL gambling.

Upgrade: VGO or vIRL Upgrade is a gamemode where you have the chance to upgrade your VGO or vIRL skins into better and more valuable skins. Playing VGO or vIRL Upgrade usually results in big wins or big losses, which makes it exciting.

Slots: VGO or vIRL Slots works just like a ordinary slot machine at a regular online casino. There are usually three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed. Playing slots is a simple and fun way of gambling with your VGO or vIRL skins.

Earning: So called 'earning sites' became recently very popular among gamers. They create opportunity for people to earn points or coins that can be exchanged later on for Real Money, Crypto or Skins. The way it works is pretty simple. You complete various tasks or surveys, watch promotional videos or other ads, share your CPU for mining cryptocurrencies, etc. and in exchange you get rewarded with some on-site currency that can be withdrawn in a form of VGO or vIRL Skins. Earning site works as an intermediary between advertisers and consumers and profits from every video view, completed task or survey, etc. It gets paid by advertisers and shares some of the profit with users. So if you don't have any funds left for opening cases, but lots of free time, simply join one of the sites listed above and earn VGO or vIRL skins. Once all the hard work is done, you can put them to use on VGO or vIRL Gambling Sites. Good luck!

Case Opening: After Valve’s trade ban, a new product has appeared: VGO or vIRL Skins. VGO or vIRL Skins are virtual items, that can be collected and traded (similarly to baseball cards) but can’t be used in-game (although VGO or vIRL developers are working to change it). Their design resembles CSGO Skins and that’s intentional. Their creators count, that the community’s nostalgia will accelerate adoption of new virtual currency. VGO or vIRL Skins can be obtained on one of the virtual items markets (for example WAX) or from VGO or vIRL Cases. With each day there are appearing more and more VGO or vIRL Case Opening sites and it’s becoming confusing to decide which one you should choose. This is where our list of Top Sites comes in handy. We’re constantly tracking VGO or vIRL scene and checking every site that shows up. If we consider it good and trusted, then we write a review and place it on our list of the best Case Opening Sites currently available. There’s no need for you to search for new sites (especially when you don’t know if they are legit) – all you need to do is visit VGO or vIRL Casinos every now and then to learn about new sites that can be used to boost your inventory and get some cool VGO or vIRL Skins that can be used on one of the Gambling Sites!

Match-Betting: Valve’s recent actions caused a new product to emerge – VGO Skins. These skins, being based on a blockchain and being completely independent from Valve (and therefore resistant to bans) have gained popularity among skin bettors. As VGO or vIRL skins allow you to transfer your funds in a form of virtual items instantly and anonymously, many esports betting sites have adopted them into their infrastructure. Future will tell if VGO or vIRL Skins Betting will be as popular among esports punters as CSGO Skins used to be.

Trading: Trading is what made CSGO Skins so popular. It allowed players to exchange their virtual items for new ones when they got bored with their look or everytime Valve released a Case with new set of skins. It helped to grow the community and game itself. Many people feel that VGO or vIRL trading sites can do the same for these new blockchain based virtual items. It will be harder though since in order to be desired, they need to have a game where they can be shown. So far there has been just one producer (creator of the Forge Arena) who decided to implement them in his video game. Hopefully it will kickstart the whole industry of VGO trading and popularize VGO or vIRL Skins among gamers.

What is vIRL?

1. A virtual item you can exchange for real-world merchandise like sneakers, apparel, video game gear, and more

2. Real-world items you can unbox, sell and swap online - in seconds

3. Digital proof of ownership without the hassle of holding or storing it

4. 100% authentic merchandise delivered when you want it

5. The easiest way to gift something real to a friend

6. Like an emoji that can be traded and redeemed for something real

7. Impossible to copy or fake because it's on WAX

8. Contagious

vIRL, or ‘viral’, is a digital proof of ownership of a physical item. Let’s say you’re an owner of a brand new and unused pair of sneakers. vIRL confirms this, and allows you to trade your shoes online – or to raffle with them!

What’s the best thing about it? The fact that you don’t have to ship your sneakers to your address first. The distributor can store your items so you can trade only the proof of ownership!

Wait, I don’t have to actually HAVE an item to trade it?

Owning a vIRL means that you 100% OWN a brand new and sealed item, but you don’t have to physically TOUCH it to trade it.

vIRL is a proof of ownership of a product that’s still in the distributor’s storage. It’s not unlike having a bank account, but instead of money, the ‘bank’ keeps your shoes, keyboards, gadgets, clothing or whatever you own. The items are originally sealed and ready to be claimed at any moment -- or sold, exchanged or gifted to another person.

But can I claim a vIRL item?

Of course! It’s yours. You can redeem a vIRL at any time, and the product will be shipped to your address. However, once you claim it, it cannot be traded this way anymore.

What happens when I buy or sell a vIRL?

The item itself doesn’t change place -- it’s still stored in its original, unopened form by the distributor. Only the proof of ownership is transferred between the parties of the transaction. Then the new owner can decide what to do with it: claim the product, sell it, trade it or gift it to a friend.

The proof of ownership is digital. How can I be sure that I really own the item, and that it’s original and unused?

First of all, the vIRLs are created using the distributed ledger technology, which means they are basically impervious to any kind of wrongdoing. In this model, every single participant of the market is also a verifying entity for every other item and transaction. In order to hack a single file, you’d have to hack everyone at the same time. It’s safer than any technology before it.

Digital ledger ensures the vIRL trade is always fair and transparent. But how can you know that the items you haven’t seen are original? The answer is simple. All of them come from their licensed distributors. The vIRL operator guarantees their authenticity.

Where can I get vIRLs?

The supplier of vIRLs is WAX.com. If you are the first owner of a vIRL, you can unbox it on PrimeUnbox, ItemUnbox, MyUnbox or VGOMaster. However, you can get unboxed vIRLs from other owners on WAX, and also trade the items you own there. Please note that ‘unboxed’ means only that a vIRL has been taken out of its virtual box. The real-life item is still factory sealed.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are a digital and intangible form of currency. The most well-known of the bunch is called Bitcoin, but there are dozens of different types of cryptocurrencies or coins out there.

The appeal of cryptocurrency is that it is not controlled by a central authority, like a bank, so you have more control over your money. It’s also not trackable by the government, though this is beginning to change as the use of cryptocurrencies has become more popularized.

It’s also said to be more secure because all transactions are validated through what’s called the blockchain.

What Is the Blockchain?

The blockchain is a record of all transactions made in a given time period, listed in chronological order. It makes wallets and personal information more secure from hacking and theft and helps combat scams like double-spending.

Double-spending is a fraudulent technique that basically means the person committing the fraud is trying to spend the same amount of cryptocurrency twice, and the transactions have to be done in quick succession.

Say Jack has one Bitcoin in his wallet. He purchases something from Jill in exchange for one Bitcoin, but he also wants to buy something from John for one Bitcoin, so he quickly sends one Bitcoin to John before his transaction with Jill clears.

Remember, Jack only had one Bitcoin in his account to begin with. This is the essence of double-spending. Jack is getting more than what he paid for. But the blockchain’s setup works to prevent fraudulent tactics such as these through separate validation.

Don’t worry if this seems confusing or hard to understand. You really don’t need to understand all the technical stuff behind cryptocurrencies to enjoy gambling with them. If you’d like to learn more, however, you can check out the following page.

Buying Cryptocurrency

In most cases, you would purchase your cryptocurrency of choice at what’s called an exchange.

An exchange is basically an online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency. After you’ve purchased your coin of choice, it is put into your online wallet. This wallet is where all of your different cryptocurrencies are stored.

Your wallet is kind of like a bank account. When you make a purchase with your cryptocurrency or use it in an online casino, you will provide your wallet’s ID number in order to complete the purchase.

Of course, it’s the same with most other investments. And there are risks involved in gambling, too, which is perhaps one reason why cryptocurrencies have become so popular among those who gamble online.

Online Gambling with Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrencies continue to rise in popularity, many online gambling sites have worked hard to accommodate this new type of payment and betting method. Now, any online gambling activity you have enjoyed in the past without using cryptocurrency can be enjoyed using cryptocurrency as your betting method.

Some sites that accept the cryptocurrency of your choice may only offer sports betting. Others may only offer casino games. This may be slightly inconvenient for those who enjoy an array of gambling activities and games and would like to continue to enjoy them with the same ease and convenience that they are used to.

The good news is that there are some sites that DO offer an “all-in-one” gambling experience. These are typically the sites we choose to recommend, although not exclusively.

If you’ve spent time previously combing the long list of available online gambling sites to find one that meets your needs and is safe, trustworthy, and reputable, you’ll know how much of a pain that can be. That’s precisely why we’ve put together our list of recommendations above.

We’ll talk a little more about these recommendations and why we’ve chosen them later. There are a few key points we should make first, though.

Online gambling with cryptocurrency is just as easy as using traditional currenciesUsing cryptocurrency is an especially good option for American gamblers, who may have issues with getting online gambling transactions approved by their banksWithdrawing from gambling sites in cryptocurrency typically results in you receiving funds more quickly than the alternatives These are among the primary reasons you should consider using cryptocurrency for your online gambling. Provably fair gambling is another good reason, which is another topic we’ll get to later.

First, we should explain the different types of cryptocurrency gambling sites.

Types of Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites

There are two different options for you if you want to gamble online using your cryptocurrency of choice.

You can go with cryptocurrency-only sites, which are usually in their infancy and have less of an established history, or you can go with pre-established sites you may already know and love that have added cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Cryptocurrency-Only Sites

These sites are in their infancy and therefore are more of a risk. There is not a very long list of proven safe and reputable sites of this nature, so it’s important that you use caution and take the extra time and extra steps to ensure that your money and information are as safe as they can be.

The cryptocurrency-only setup, as the name suggests, deals only in cryptocurrency. Your bets and payouts are both going to be in whichever types of coin or cryptocurrencies the site hosts. This setup is very convenient for avid and frequent users of cryptocurrency, as you do not have to take the extra time or effort to transfer your winnings back into your chosen coin.

But again, these sites are in their infancies and may not have the experience and capability of dealing with high-volume patronage, making the site susceptible to sudden shutdowns or crashes.

There are some exceptions, though, and we do consider cryptocurrency-only sites when it comes to compiling our recommendations.

Established Sites Accepting Cryptocurrency

A better option for those who are not as serious about cryptocurrencies but still would like to use them to gamble or bet are established sites that have added cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

If you have been gambling or betting online for a while and have a site that you know, love, and trust, making the switch to a different site just to use cryptocurrency is not ideal or convenient.

But luckily, some of the major sites have begun to add certain cryptocurrencies to their sites for use in payments or payouts.

Using these sites allows you to continue to play your favorite games on an interface you are familiar with, but now you can pay with and collect your winnings in your favorite coin.

Sites that have established histories also have a setup that can handle a high traffic volume and are capable of handling the volatility of cryptocurrency, so they are not as likely to go bust.